Medical Media 医療メディア事業

Contribute to development of healthcare standards by provision of latest medical information

Since 1968 when “Medical Tribune”, the first medical newspaper in Japan, was launched, we have been providing the latest medical information to doctors across the country for more than half a century. A large number of registered members represents credibility we earned from the doctors for five decades and is the foundation for our business development. We engage in a wide range of activities including disseminating clinically relevant news through print and web, as well as conducting digital initiatives, research, events and conventions, doctor career support, and support for clinic establishment and succession. In April of this year, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of our newspaper's founding, we unveiled a new slogan, "Together with medical personnel" and refreshed our corporate logo.

Domestic doctor coverage rate: Approximately 80% (newspaper readers + online members) As of October 2023


メディカルトリビューンは1968年に日本で最初の医学新聞 『Medical Tribune』を創刊して以来、半世紀以上にわた り全国の医師に最新の医学情報を提供してきました。そ の信頼の証である医師会員資産こそが、各種事業展開の 礎になっています。紙面およびウェブを通じて臨床に役立 つニュースを発信することに加え、デジタル、調査、イベン ト・コンベンション、医師紹介・転職支援、クリニック開業・ 継承支援など、幅広い事業を展開しています。今年4月に は新聞創刊55周年を機に新スローガン“医療者とともに” を掲げ、企業ロゴを刷新しました。

国内医師カバー率:約80%(新聞読者 + ウェブ医師会員)2023.10 現在

Affiliated company 関連会社

Kinpodo Publishing Inc.

Kinpodo is the medical book publishing company established in Kyoto in 1948. It provides not only medical related books including specialized books like “Neurosurgery”, which has repeatedly been reprinted, and educational materials, but also various books and educational materials relating to nursing care, nutrition, and so forth nationwide.


1948年、京都で創業した医学図書出版社です。重版を重ねる専門書『 脳神経外科学』から学校向け教材・一般図書まで、医学・医療だけでなく介護・福祉・栄養学など、幅広い分野で図書と教材を全国に提供しております。


“Medical Tribune Next" providing clinic establishment and succession support service.

In recent years, there has been growing concern about the hollowing out of regional healthcare, with approximately 2,000 clinics forced to close annually due to a lack of successors. Leveraging the trust we have cultivated over half a century as a medical newspaper, Medical Tribune launched clinic establishment and succession support services in 2019. We have been working to achieve the best possible matching between numerous individuals seeking to transfer their clinics and those looking to establish or continue clinics, contributing to the continuity and development of regional healthcare. We have also been proactive in organizing regular seminars and disseminating information on third-party succession. Additionally, we have expanded our presence to Hokkaido, Osaka, and Kyushu, enabling us to provide comprehensive

クリニックの開業・継承支援サービス「Medical Tribune Next」