Overseas 海外事業

Thailand / タイ

Rojana Sakurajyuji Medical Co., Ltd.


Sakurajyuji established 'Rojana Sakurajyuji Medical Co., Ltd. with Rojana Group, our partner in Thailand. We are planning to set up the medical check-up clinic at the Emporium in Bangkok in in the autumn of 2018. We try to promote health in Thailand through our services based on Japanese advanced preventive medicine.


Singapore / シンガポール

Nippon Medical Care


Nippon Medical Care is the joint venture with Parkway Group, the largest healthcare provider in Singapore. We provide healthcare service in Japanese and make contributions to maintaining the health of Japanese people who live in Singapore and neighbor countries.


Philippines / フィリピン

TDG Nishikawa Nippon Academy

TDG 西川日本語アカデミー

TDG Nishikawa Nippon Academy was established with Transnational Diversifi ed Group, Philippines. Th roughout Japanese language education, we cultivate global human resources then strive to produce human resources who contribute to the economic development of both Japan and Philippines.

TDG 社と共同でTDG 西川日本語アカデミーをフィリピンに設立。日本語教育を通じてグローバルな人材を育成。日本とフィリピンの経済発展に寄与する人材の輩出を目指しております。